Bear vs. Les

So there’s these two shows on TV. Man vs. Wild and Survivorman. They both tell you how to make it out alive if you find yourself, I don’t know, pinned underneath a boulder while a bear mauls you and you have to try to build a fire to keep away red ants, all while eating a maggot for protein.

Anyway, Les aka Survivorman is awesome. He’s completely alone. Seriously. He makes a big point of lugging his camera equipment with him. He films everything himself, sometimes climbing rocks or hiking the same steep trail two or three times, to get it on film and then go collect his equipment. He has a radio to call for help just in case he really does start getting mauled by a bear. But he’s alone. For seven days. And he has no food so it’s like wow, this guy is really surviving. Hence the name. Oh, and he always has his harmonica with him so he plays that and doesn’t feel quite so alone. Awwww…..

Bear on the other hand (I need to know if that really is his real name) {AHH! His real name is Edward! Thanks, Wikipedia}, is better looking, has a charming British accent, and travels with a full camera crew. He tells you what to do in case this ever happened to you, but he takes it one step further and eats maggots, snakes, rotting dead animal or whatever, when he doesn’t have to. Because you just know that he’s staying at a Holiday Inn that night after getting a bite to eat at Red Robin. Derek and I watched an episode last night and Bear accidentally (on purpose) fell into a deep hole somewhere in Ireland. He struggled for 15 seconds trying to get himself out, but he couldn’t, so he reached out to his camera man, who pulled him out of the hole.

What if Les had been in that hole? He would’ve used some of his MacGuyver-like know how to get himself out of that damn hole. But pretty boy Bear just flashed his pearly whites and got a hand from his camera man. 

I bet Les hates that dude.


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