Doggie Birthday Parties aka this baby can’t come soon enough

I would not be a good dog owner if I had knowingly let Lola’s first birthday pass without some sort of hubub. I always enjoy throwing parties, so we threw a doggie birthday party. Derek wanted it known that he had no part in this. Except making the guacamole and cutting the grass beforehand. 

We had a total of 5 dogs over (oh yeah and their owners, our friends). It’s safe to say that Lola had the time of her life and the dogs all enjoyed a delicious cupcake dog biscuit, which I purchased at a hoity toity pet store. The kind of store that carries a black leather doggie sofa that costs $250. I’ve owned human sofas for less than half that. Oh, and the store is called “Pawprints Across Your Heart.” You should’ve seen Derek’s face when he saw the name of the store on the receipt. My thoughts exactly, dear. 

Anyway, behold the delicious main course for canines:

The dogs provided free entertainment for the humans at the party and it was an added bonus that no dogs ran away or mauled anyone, and no humans stepped in poop. I think that makes a successful party.

By the end of the party, most humans were unfazed by the doggie antics and were happy to relax with a beer and some grub.

And when Lola decided that she needed to take five, she found her favorite spot in the backyard – a hosta plant. 


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