As a follow up to my previous post lamenting my lack of clothes that actually fit my expanding belly, I took matters into my own hands and went shopping for maternity clothes last week. So Derek and I went to Kohl’s, and did about two laps around the store without finding the maternity clothes. Hmm….Petites, Misses, Womens, Juniors. None of those are maternity. Finally I asked someone and was directed to the girls department. Um…like little girls? Like 6X type little girl clothing? Yes. 

Turns out the maternity clothes are smack dab in between the girls clothing and the infant clothing. So amidst the big ole prego pants were Hannah Montana t-shirts and fuzzy bunny onesies. Isn’t it enough that I will be stuck shopping among little kids in a few months? Maybe for these last months without a child on my hip, I’d like to be shopping with other grown ups, looking for normal clothes, not t-shirts that say “Daddy Rocks”? 

But the best part was that the nursing bras? Yeah, they’re on the same rack as the training bras! Imagine having to explain that to a little girl that needs her first bra. “You see these bras are for when milk starts coming out of them…”


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