Hooray it’s Election Day!

I am currently donning my “I voted” sticker and have recently finished my free Starbucks cup o coffee because of said sticker. Oh and I cast my vote for the next president and local elected officials. This is my third time voting in a presidential election. I have never voted for the person who won. I hope that will all change today. The excitement I feel in knowing that our current crappy president can never be president again is equal to the hope that our country will get it right this time. I know that there is no magical solution and all problems will not be erased come January if he is elected. But I think it would be a step in the right direction.

Because of all that, yes, I’m excited that it’s Election Day. But one of the other reasons I’m very excited for Election Day happens every four years. I just. want. the commercials. to stop. 

It’s so tiring. “I’m John McCain and I approve this message.” “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.” The dramatic music in the background. The non-flattering photos of the candidates mid sneeze that make them look evil. The Joe the Plumber references. I’ve had it with all of them. It seems like every TV commercial break has at least one presidential political commercial (and I swear to God if it doesn’t, it’s the stupid “Saved by Zero” Toyota commercial. That commercial makes me physically ill and no, I don’t blame that on pregnancy.) 

Remember during the 2000 election, back when people actually had land lines and answering machines? I just remember coming home to messages from celebrities, politicians, all sorts of people, urging me to vote for a specific candidate. Really, Martin Sheen, I’m glad you’re backing him, but how bout you don’t call me to tell me all about it? You and I really aren’t friends in that way.

So this election, probably because of all the no call lists and whatnot, I haven’t gotten a single call from Arnold Schwartzeneger. Which is good. Instead, my mailbox is chock full of junk mail from both parties proclaiming its opponent to be out of touch, a terrorist, or just an overall meanie. I get multiple solicitations a day. It’s a little much. You’d think they’d just figure out a way to spam e-mail boxes with this, in 2008. Junk mail seems so 1984.

But I am happy to report that as of today, November 4, 2008, all that will cease. And by tomorrow will we know if we should celebrate or imbibe booze and doughnuts in sadness. I can’t wait to find out which one.


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