Do many people have extra Christmas trees lying around?

I ask this because of a request I received this Sunday. Unwinding, watching the Packer game, had just picked Lola up from getting a bath – she smelled all good and gingerbready and was all fluffed up – when the doorbell rang. It was two little kids. Probably a 10-year old girl and 8-year old boy. They had walked up our driveway and I had never seen them before. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello!

Girl: Um….do you have … an extra …. Christmas tree?

Me: Um… a real one or an artificial one? (I don’t know why I asked this. I have extras of neither.)

Girl: {Looooooong pause} Um…..{looking at the sky} a real one.

Me: No, sorry I don’t.

Girl: Ok, bye.

As I watched them walk down the street I really wanted to call out to them and be like, “Kids, seriously. What do you want? What are you asking me? Why are you going door to door asking for Christmas trees? Did you think I have a real Christmas tree growing in my yard that I’ll let you chop down? Most Christmas tree lots don’t have buy one get one free specials. And how were you planning on hauling this Christmas tree away, if I did indeed have one for you? And where are your parents?”

I told Derek that if they had been anyone but two little kids, I would’ve thought that they were casing our house and were going to come back and rob us or something. It was just so random. If anyone has any idea, please shed some light on this.


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