If there’s one thing that pregnancy has taught me so far, it’s to appreciate what I used to have. (uh…and hope to have again one day soon). I’m mostly talking about my stomach.

I have hated my stomach for as long as I can remember. Seriously, I remember being a little kid and being sad because of how my stomach skin (not even fat, skin!) would bunch up when I sat down. I think that’s a much larger issue for another time and another blog. 

Anyway, I digress. You may remember when I wrote about my waistline going MIA. Well, now you can add my feet to that list of gone but not forgotten. I know they’re still there. I mean, I can feel them. I wear shoes. I have to be walking around, applying shoes to something, right? But gone are the days when I can look down and see my feet. I notice this most in the shower. I look down and see a hard mass of skin – no crotch, no legs, no feet. 

So, whereas I used to look at photos of myself and see nothing but a flabby stomach, now I know that I didn’t have it so bad after all. I think the great hair band Cinderella said it best, “Don’t know what you got til it’s gone.”

Before you start thinking that I’m one of those pregnant girls who keeps calling herself fat and all that great stuff, know that I’m not. I know I’m supposed to be gaining weight. I am. I am also still going to the gym cuz it makes me feel better. 

And honestly, I feel bad for the tiny baby just trying to make itself into a human, living in those cramped quarters. I know it can’t be that comfortable. I’m doing my best here to make you happy, baby. And I promise once you come out (please, not for a few more months, though!) you can stretch out all you want.


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