Free Entertainment!

During these tough economic times (ugh, I swear complaining about the bad economy irritates me as much as the phrase “stocking stuffer”), it’s nice to know that some forms of entertainment are free. And readily available.
My stomach has been twitching and dancing and even writhing for a few weeks now. Sometimes when I’m in a boring meeting, I’ll just look down at my stomach and watch it move around. It’s so weird to have parts of your body move when you’re not the one moving them!
But it’s very cool and I find myself wondering what the baby is doing in there that is making my stomach protrude in such weird ways. Yeah, sometimes it hurts and takes my breath away, and I’d really like to know what is going on way under my bellybutton cuz that shit HURTS, but overall, it’s a cool thing that only I get to feel and it’s worth losing your waistline, feet and all that other stuff for.


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