One Year Puppiversary

So it was one year ago today that Derek and I woke up on a Sunday morning and I said, “Let’s go get a dog today!” Now don’t think that we’re some of THOSE people who just get a pet on a whim, without realistic expectations of what owning an animal means for the long term. We’ve both grown up with dogs and other pets. We know what it means, the expense, the lost sleep, the potential damage to our (new) house, the poop we’d have to clean up, the claw marks we may have to heal from. We knew what we were getting ourselves into. And we’d discussed having a dog for YEARS. What we’d name it, what kind of dog it would be, whether or not we’d let it on our furniture. So that unusually warm January morning had us spring out of bed, log on to the humane society’s website and start perusing the dogs.
We first saw Lizzie, a six month old black lab mix. Her picture was absolutely adorable. I swear this dog was smiling, asking us to bring her to our house. We scoped out all the other dogs and decided to go meet Lizzie.
After quickly showering, checking the site again to make sure she was still there, and then contemplating but ultimately deciding against getting the 80-pound six month old Great Dane, we were off.
We got there, filled out a bunch of paper work and waited to meet Lizzie. When we were asked what dog we’d like to meet, we watched the employee’s face change.
“Lizzie is really mouthy,” she warned us. “Like, she barks or bites?” I asked. “Bites.” “It’s ok, we’d still like to meet her.”
So off we go into our sequestered room to await Miss Lizzie. When the door opened, she came in like a bolt of lightning. Ran over to us, jumped up, licked us excitedly, and um…chewed a hole through my purse. All in about 20 seconds. Derek and I looked at each other and quickly realized Lizzie was a little more than we could handle. Sorry pup, I know some family will make you a good home, but we just can’t.
We walked around the rest of the humane society looking at the other dogs and trying to picture them in our lives forever. Then we saw Johanna.
She was a teeny tiny shepherd mix. She was sitting right by her glass door, watching all the people walk by. Derek squatted down to see her and put his hand up on the glass. She reciprocated by putting her paw against his hand on the other side of the glass. Oh boy. We needed to see this dog.
When Johanna came out to meet us, she was a tiny bundle of energy. She was just as excited as Lizzie, but not quite so…destructive. When the employee got out a treat and commanded the three month old puppy to sit, she did. We got out a ball and threw it, she grabbed it and eagerly brought it back to us to continue playing. We immediately liked her. I heard myself saying, “I think we’ll take her.”
We spent a small fortune in the humane society’s store on a crate, food dishes, leash, collar, toys, industrial strength carpet cleaner (oh no…) and bitter apple spray (uh….wait, what?). But walking out of there with our new family member was one of the happiest and most exciting things we’d done as a couple. She was our dog, we already loved her, and I think she might have already loved us. Or at least she definitely does now. Even when her butt stinks, she eats a Kleenex, or won’t stop yanking my arm out of the socket on a walk, we couldn’t love her more.
A picture to commemorate Day 1 with our pup, Lola:


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