Baby Watch

That’s what we’re on these days. Seven days til the due date. Do you people know how insane that is? No, because you don’t know ME. It’s insane. I’M HAVING A BABY. What? Seriously? Me? 

I’ve always wanted a baby. I played with dolls until I am sure I was too old to do so. I babysat my ass off when I was younger. I love kids. They usually love me. I’ve been waiting for this and wanting this my whole life. And now it’s finally about to happen. It completely blows me away. I feel like this is such a huge life change that I can’t fully wrap my mind around it. 

I feel just about every emotion you can imagine – excited, nervous, scared, blissfully happy, impatient, unprepared.

But at this point I’m thinking that all signs are indicating that he or she is coming. Ready or not…

Bring it baby, we got ya!


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