20 Days

Dear Riley,

Today you are 20 days old. It feels like we’re starting to get the hang of living with a baby, but it sure isn’t easy. Sleeping for two hours at a time during the night isn’t the most fun. But you’re worth it.

Sometimes at night or early in the morning your dad and I will lay in bed and just listen to the sounds you make. You’re such a vocal baby – always grunting, moaning, cooing and farting. The farting gets us every time. We burst out laughing no matter how tired we are. 

Today you’re wearing your Daddy’s Sidekick sleeper with two little turtles on it. I bought it for your dad for Christmas this year and wrapped it up and wrote “To Daddy From Baby” on it. He got all misty eyed when he opened it and we still can’t believe that you’re here and you’re wearing your little turtle outfit. 

We just know we’re going to have lots of fun with you.




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