I sit here typing with a cooing, happy baby in my lap. He’s actually staring straight at the monitor so it looks like he’s reading what I’m writing. I’ve learned to do many things while holding a baby. From washing bottles, to letting the dog out, to blow drying my hair. I refuse to pee while holding a baby. Even though he has actually peed on me, so peeing while holding him wouldn’t be that far off. 

Today we went to Children’s Hospital to get an ultrasound of Riley’s kidneys. The doctors succeeded in completely freaking me out while I was pregnant by telling me first that his femur length was too short and then later that one kidney is bigger than the other. After uttering the words “Down’s Syndrome” and saying they’d like me to see a high risk specialist, I was not a happy camper. Thankfully, everything turned out great and today we just went to check out Riley’s little baby kidneys. One is still slightly bigger than the other, but it’s already 2mm smaller than it was at the last ultrasound I had. I knew deep down my boy was all good and it was a HUGE relief to find out that deep down I was right. 

If you want a little perspective, spend some time at Children’s Hospital. From the outside it’s a colorful, cheery place with paintings of cartoon animals, flowers and little kids. But walk through the halls and you’ll see little kids in hospital gowns – something that just doesn’t seem right. It’s a great hospital, but it’s sad that it exists because if there’s one thing that’s no fair, it’s a sick child. And I’m so thankful that we’ve got a healthy one.


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