2 Months

Dear Riley,

Today you are two months and one day old (yeah, yeah, I should’ve written this yesterday – sue me). You truly get cuter and more amazing every day. You’re a happy baby and you love to coo and squeal and smile. I really thought I’d have to wait about 4 months until I got a genuine smile from you, but you actually started doing it around 5 or 6 weeks. And no, it’s not gas. You’re happy. I can tell. (Though you still love to fart up a storm, seriously, what do you eat?).

The big news of this week is that I went back to work. Leaving you Monday morning was so hard. You’re too cute to leave, I said. I miss you a lot during the day. I’m your mom and your meal ticket and you need me. And I need you, which is something I didn’t really expect to feel. But I’m so happy and thankful that you’re with your dad all day. He’s really the best dad who will never pass up an opportunity to play with you, sing to you, talk gibberish to you or feed you. I hope you always know how thankful we are for you and how much we love you.




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