Losing It

This is it. I’m losing it. My mind. I’ve bid it adieu, never to see it again.

Yesterday I went to Target on lunch to buy some stuffs. Came out to my car, put the bags in the trunk, hopped in and popped the (new!) car into gear. Only to be flagged down by a fellow Target shopper. She was holding one of my bags of stuff that I had left at the checkout. Whoops. Thanks. It happens, no biggie. I was not yet convinced I was losing it.

Then after work, I was rushing to go pick up Riley but had to stop and get gas in my (new!) car. I ALWAYS pay at the pump. So I hop out, check card in hand and fill er up. When I’m done, I’m waiting for the pump to print out my receipt and it says, “Please pay cashier.” And I was like, “Why? I don’t want to go inside.” And I figured, fine, I don’t need my receipt, I’ll just leave.

Heading to the driver’s side, I have a realization. I NEVER SWIPED MY CARD. So it really did mean i had to PAY inside. I almost drove away without paying for my gas. Um….as much as I’d like a free fill up, that’s not good. I can see it now, they call the police who track me down at home from seeing my license plate on the security cameras. I have to explain that I just had a baby, who lately loathes sleeping at night. So I’m just tired. I meant to pay. Really, I did. They’d roll their eyes and take me down to the station for processing. Whatever that means. End scene.

So after I legally leave the gas station, I get to Derek’s work to pick up Riley and I accidentally hit the panic button on the car, the horn starts honking, I stand there dumbfounded and hilarity ensues. Not really. It’s just very obvious that my reflexes are a lot slower. And trying to think and write and be creative at work all day is not an easy task when you can’t get more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I know this can’t last forever. And someday I’ll look back on this and be like, “Remember when Riley was just born and didn’t like to sleep? That SUCKED.”


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