Cloth Diapers

Yes, I use cloth diapers for Riley. And no, I don’t spend hours soaking dirty diapers in the toilet. I have never soaked a diaper in the toilet. There are no plastic pants involved. He never smells like pee. I don’t use pins. All those things are old school cloth diapers. These are new school cloth diapers:


Cool, huh? It’s a waterproof outer layer (in cute colors!) and there’s microfiber and fleece on the inside. They velcro in the front and are actually pretty good at containing nastiness. 

Every other day I wash them, stuff the inserts back inside and put them in Riley’s dresser. It’s really not a big deal. 

We started using them when he was about a month old. Bum Geniuses are supposed to fit babies 7-35 pounds (amazing, right?) but Riley was such a little peanut we used disposables at first because these just seemed mammoth compared to him. 

I use flushable liners to minimize the amount of poop I’m putting in my washing machine. We are now on our second pack of 100 liners. That means, people, that in the month or so we’ve been using them, we’ve saved over 100 diapers from landfills. 

And that is pretty awesome. Oh, and planet Earth? You’re welcome!


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