In The Year 3000

You have to read that title in the high pitched voice that Conan’s trumpet player used to squeal, “In the year two thousaaaaaaaaand!”

At work I’m currently writing about a “living history museum” in Canada that reenacts life as it was in the 1800s. You know, they churn butter, they toil in the fields, all riveting stuff. It looks like this:


But it got me thinking. What if there is a living history museum of life now? Or even better, life in the 80’s.  

Can you picture people living in quaint two-story brick houses on a cul-de-sac, with minivans, scooters and banana seat bicycles in the driveway? The “actors” would walk around with their jeans rolled, New Kids On the Block T-shirts on, with big bangs, and trying to figure out a Rubik’s Cube. How weird would it be to see people visiting the world in the 80’s and trying to explain why people wore one white glove or enjoyed watching the show Alf? And after school all kids would race home and instead of plowing the fields or milking the cows, they’d make a bee line for their Nintendo where they’d play Super Mario Brothers (one! Hands down the best!) or Donkey Kong. 

It could totally happen. You know when people were actually living in the 1800s, they never would’ve thought that some day people wouldn’t have to use horses for transportation or poop in a shack in their backyard, and they definitely didn’t think their lives would be entertainment for a family vacation.


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