Dear Riley,

Uh…you’re almost 4 months old. I don’t know exactly how many weeks old you are (what a horrible mother!) but I want you to know about a great conversation last night.

Your dad and I stayed up til about 10:30 last night (super late for us, these days, ugh, having a baby makes us old!) laying in bed talking about you and your birth. It made me cry just reliving your first earthly moments and it made me swell with joy and love for you and your dad. Sometimes I like to let my mind wander back to the moment you were born.


The first person you saw in the world was your father. That is possibly one of the coolest sentences I’ve ever written. You made eye contact with him as you were entering the world. No one can ever take that moment away and I want you to know that it was the most special, wonderful moment your dad has ever had. 

The moment they put you on my chest, you laid there crying and whimpering, but thought enough to lift up your head and give me the best moment of my life. You looked me in the eyes. It was as if you were like, “Oh, I know you, lady.” I felt like the Grinch in that one scene where his heart grows so big that it breaks that little measuring device. My heart also swelled the size of ten Who hearts, times two. 

So just know, little man, that though you have no recollection of your birth, your dad and I do. We will tell you stories about it in a few years and try our hardest to make you understand how great that moment was for us. But you won’t get it. Not until you have your own kids someday.

Thank you for being my baby (and for sleeping until 6 a.m. this morning).




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