I like to tell stories. Personal anecdotes, if you will. Mostly, I think I just like reminiscing. I find myself often being like, “One time we…” or “Did I ever tell you about when I…” So I was thinking that I’d share some of my random, funny stories with this blog. Does anyone object? Ok, good.

One of the funniest things that ever happened to me occurred in a Pick N Save parking lot. No lie. 

A friend and I were exiting said Pick N Save with a cartful of things. Probably beer, but that’s neither here nor there. We walked over to my black Chevy Cavalier, when I quickly noticed a HUGE dent on the side of my car. There was a very large SUV that had been backing out of the spot next to me while we walked up and was driving away by the time we made it over to the car. 

I saw the dent and immediately was like, “Did that guy hit my car??? Look at the huge dent! Thanks a lot, asshole!!” I hollered to the SUV as it was driving away. Yeah, I totally made a scene. Other people in the parking lot were looking at me like, “Aw, poor girl with a dented car.”

My friend and I stood there with our cart, dumbfounded. How could someone leave such a huge dent and just drive away? 

And then a light bulb went off in my head.

“THIS ISN’T MY CAR!” I yelled as I grabbed the cart and ran. Partially out of embarrassment and partially because I knew it would be funny to just yell and bail. Apparently there are two black Cavaliers in the world. Who would’ve thought?


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