Homemade Baby Food aka When Did I Get to be Such a Hippie?

So, last night I delved head first into full on granola-covered, hairy-armpittted hippie-dom. I made homemade baby food. Um…except for the hairy armpit part. Oh, and it gets better, while I was making said baby food, I threw a load of cloth diapers into the washing machine. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?

It all started when I went to the farmer’s market (see? hippie!) and bought a bunch of zucchini. I thought it might be a good first food for Riley and I figured I could easily steam it, puree it, freeze it and when he’s ready to eat solid food in about a month, I’d thaw it, give it to him, and we’d all live happily ever after.

However, I have never used a steamer basket before. I had to buy one at Target for $8. And I work at the largest cooking magazine in the world. And I don’t know how to steam veggies. And I’m a vegetarian (ok, yeah, hippie. I get it).

So last night when Derek was at practice (playing anything but hippie music), I began the process.


I cut up the two zucchini and filled a pot with some water, put the zucchini in the basket, and the basket on top of the pot. Simple, right?


But then I’m like, “How do I know if it’s finished steaming?” All the stuff I’d read about steaming says that it preserves the color of the veggies pretty well, so it’s not like they’ll look mushy or change color. So I waited. And waited. And steamed. And had quite the audience, undoubtably captivated by what was ensuing.


Pay no attention to the Pabst magnet on the fridge. We like beer. And have a baby. Gasp!

 Anyway, the above mentioned baby got really crabby around this point. Really. Crabby. And decided he need to eat RIGHT NOW. So I fed him while the veggies steamed. And then I started to smell something. The smell of burning. That’s not good.

Turns out the veggies steamed so long that all the water evaporated, and burned itself to hell in the bottom of my pot.



Apparently I can’t even boil water. Again, please don’t tell my co-workers.

By this time I realized that the zucchini had to be steamed enough by  now. So I put it in the food processor and chopped it up until it was smooth and pretty. I can’t believe how much prettier pureed zucchini is.



I put it into some fancy schmancy hippie baby food ice cube trays, labeled them and put them in the freezer. Oh yeah, all while a super crabby baby was yammering in my ear. 

And voila. I did it. My hippie initiation is complete. I will now begin wearing peasant skirts and listening to the Grateful De….ugh, I can’t even type it. My DNA will not allow those words to flow from my fingers. I think I’m safe for a while.


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