5 Months

Dear Riley,

Today you turn 5 months old (Hooray! I’m writing this on the actual day!) Every couple of weeks I claim that this is my favorite age. But I think this one really is. You’re so happy and fun. Your cute little baby coos and gurgles have turned onto full belly laughs and shrieks. You talk just to hear yourself (hey! Kinda like me!) and seem satisfied when Dad and I cringe or plug our ears because you’re just so damn loud. It’s strangely unsettling and I’m a little afraid as to what we’re in for later in your life. 

Every day when I get home from work, I feed you and play with you. Then after dinner, I usually take you and Lola for a walk around the neighborhood. You used to always fall asleep during our walks, but now you look around, up at the sky, at the trees, and at Lola who faithfully walks beside your stroller – Caesar Milan-style. About a week ago, you decided you weren’t enjoying the walk and your screams of displeasure rang out through the neighborhood. It was mildly embarassing, but I just  told the neighbors, “Good thing we’re almost home. Heh, heh.” Then right there in the street, I had to take you out of the stroller and carry you home, while also holding Lola’s leash and pushing the stroller. You’ve forced me to be super mom. I didn’t want to do it.

So thanks for all the adorable smiles and the looks of genuine happiness when you see me. My heart melts a little more each time do it. And thanks for not spitting up as much. Baby puke is very difficult to get out of couch cushions.




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