This morning when I got to work, in the bathroom, I noticed a small hole in the nether regions of my pants. Between the legs, if you must know.

“Guess I’ll be throwing these pants out tonight,” I thought to myself. Little did I know…

A few hours later (a few hours ago, as I’m still living this nightmare right now), sitting at my desk, I cross my right leg over my left one and hear, “RRRRRRRIP.” Um…..oops.

That little hole is now a big ass tear in between my legs. I went to a full length mirror to check the damage. Yikes.

Anyone walking behind me can now easily see the skin of my inner right thigh. GREAT. I have two more hours of work left, and I would be perfectly content not getting up from my desk for those two hours, but I have a meeting! I have to walk down a looooooong hallway. I have to get to the meeting first, so no one follows me into the room, and I have to exit last, so no one follows me out. And the pants are black. My skin is white. It’s pretty damn noticeable. NOOOO!

I hope HR doesn’t notice. I don’t really think showing off the fleshy part of your inner thigh is what they mean by office casual. Stupid pants.


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