Today I’m wearing a skirt that I haven’t worn in over a year. The drama of losing the dreaded Baby Weight (yes, capitalized. It’s that serious) is improving, I’m hoping. I really thought the weight would just melt off. And yes, I’m breastfeeding. 

But here we are, almost 6 months later, and I still can’t fit into all of my pre-prego clothes. It’s discouraging. And sad. And then part of me is pissed because really, it’s not a big deal. I gained more than 40 pounds when I was pregnant. It’s not all going to vanish in a snap. 

And yes, you never-been-pregnant-before eye-rollers, I worked out a couple times a week until I was 38 weeks pregnant. And I’m a vegetarian, so I wasn’t scarfing Big Macs. But yes, there was the occasional donut or Oreo consumed.

I’m trying very hard to be like, “So what? I brought a human into the world. It’s only been six months. It’ll all melt off.” But that’s hard. Especially when I can tell my friggen hip bones MOVED. I can lose all the weight in the world, but no amount of weight loss will move my bones back to where they were. I’m hoping time will take care of that. We’ll see.

But anyway, back to the skirt. I put it on, it buttoned and it made me happy. And when I asked Derek if it looked too tight, he answered “No” before he really even looked. Yes dear, I noticed that. And I love you for it.


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