6 Months!

Dear Riley,

Today you are 6 months (and 2 days) old. People are truly not kidding when they say time goes by really fast once you have kids. I can’t believe we’ve had you for half a year already. The past couple days your streak of sleeping through the night has been seriously broken. This morning you woke up at 4:40. I walked into your room, gave you your pacifier and you looked like you’d happily drift back to dreamland. HA. 

By the time I got back in bed, pulled up the covers and closed my eyes, you started crying, screaming and generally throwing a fit. After a minute I realized you were not going to stop. So I went into your room and fed you. Eventually you stopped eating and just looked up at me, adoringly and smiling. I quietly explained to you that 5 a.m. was not smiling time, 5 a.m. is sleeping time.

But even when I want to be mad or frustrated, you’re just too incredibly cute to be mad at. It’s a powerful gift you possess and I know you will milk it for all it’s worth, probably for the rest of your life.

And I love you for it.



P.S. I’m so glad you love the baby food I’ve been making you. You can’t get enough of it and it sure makes your diapers….um, interesting, so thanks for that.


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