To Do List

I can fondly remember, in the not too distant future, that after work I used to go to the gym, come home and make dinner, talk with the husband, play with the dog, watch TV and go to bed. Ah, those were simpler times. I might have called them boring times, but who knew that someday I would miss the opportunity to lay on the couch, uninterrupted, and do nothing.

These days, after a full day of work, this is what my evening entails:

I pick Riley up from Derek’s work. (Long story, but Derek takes Riley to work with him in the afternoons so we can avoid the dreaded daycare center)

Get home, usually start laundry. Dear God, the laundry is of epic proportions in our house. I do some laundry every day, either diapers, Riley’s clothes, or my spit up and drooled on clothes. This is what usually greets me:


That’s a bag of dirty cloth diapers waiting to be taken into the basement and thrown into the washer. 

Next, I feed the hungry, hungry baby. Baby oatmeal and a homemade baby food of some sort, these days it’s either carrots or zucchini. Then I nurse him, which means, hooray! I get to sit down!

Next I make dinner for those of us with teeth. That also includes filling Lola’s food dish, which she is eternally grateful for. Gotta love dogs, they’re eternally grateful for EVERYTHING. 

By this time Derek is usually home, so we eat dinner. I run the diapers through the next wash cycle (which, let’s be honest here, I simply go to the basement and push a few buttons on the washer and add detergent- I’m not exactly beating the diapers against a rock down by the river). 

After dinner, I take the “kids” Riley and Lola out for their daily walk around the ‘hood. Again, Lola is eternally grateful. Riley likes it, too. 

By this time it’s about 7:00 and Riley is ready for his evening nap. Which he can only take if he’s being held. Which also means, hooray! I get to sit down again! So I cuddle with a snoozing, sweet baby for about 20 minutes, until he wakes up. He’s usually happy when he wakes up at this time. Bonus!

I finish up the laundry, stuff the diapers and put them away. If it’s bath night, it’s bath time. If not, it’s ice cream time. For me (and Derek), not Riley. Double bonus!

Then it’s pajamas (for all of us – except Lola), feed Riley, put him to bed, and we (including Lola) are usually in bed by about 9:30. We’re old. Lame!

So that’s what my evenings entail. Riveting stuff, no? So yeah, I remember the days when I used to get to relax after work, but I gotta admit, these are the best days of my life. Simple, happy, busy, wonderful. Those times when Riley cuddles up to me, or Derek tells me what a good mom I am, or when Lola just wants to rest her head on my leg while I’m holding a sleeping baby, that’s what all that work is for.


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