Typical Favre

So last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Packers and Vikings was very much hyped around here. And in Minnesota I’m sure, too. It’s almost like it was a movie script. Scorned ex-quarterback signs with the rival team and battles it out against his former team on a national stage. Being a Packer fan, it would’ve been great if those ex-teammates made a few interceptions, a few sacks and won the game. But that’s not the way it panned out. 

Being a Packers fan and watching Favre as your quarterback was exciting. He’d throw this HUUUUUGE bomb down field and you just never know if it would be intercepted or caught for a touchdown. Very often it was intercepted. It sort of became a joke. Like Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie Signs. He was a former baseball player, had huge numbers of home runs, but also led the league in strike outs because, “it seemed like a waste not to swing.” During many games, Favre seemed to feel the same way and would throw the ball into double or triple coverage, cross his fingers, close his eyes and hope for the best.

So that’s the Favre we were expecting to see last night against his team of 16 years. What we got was the Favre who would occasionally show up. He threw huge bombs that weren’t intercepted. He wasn’t even sacked. One play, he had over 7 seconds to get rid of the ball. Come on, even I could have found someone to throw it to if I had 7 seconds to make a completion (no I couldn’t). So in yet another way he screwed Packer fans over, he played well. REALLY well.

Well at least Packer fans are funny, right?




No word on God leaving you for the Vikings, yet.


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