Hurts so good

Yesterday I drove home with sweaty ankles, rubbed raw, and a sore butt. 

For those of you out of the loop, that means I went skating. And it was good. I have now skated twice since having Riley. I stopped skating when I was 6 months pregnant. And I came back 6 weeks after I had him. And it was HARD. My legs felt like mush. I got dizzy really easily. My body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do; what I had trained it to do over 15 years. Now that’s frustrating. 

So I stopped. I got busy doing other things. You know, like raising a child. Working. Trying to lose the Baby Weight.

But yesterday I found myself with a day off of work. And no good reason not to go skate. I had run 5 miles two days before, so I didn’t feel like I needed to go to the gym. Off to the rink I went.

When I got there, one of the coaches said to me, “What brings you to an ice rink?” Ouch. I told her it was time to get back on the horse.

So I slowly (and carefully) ran through the gamut of skating moves. All my single jumps- done. And not bad, I must say. All my basic spins- done. Some better than others. Sit spins are hard when you aren’t used to doing them several times a week. I could get down, but it’s hard to be back up. Kept falling on my flying camel, hence the sore butt.

Overall, it felt great. Like my old self again. I better get back on that horse again soon. Maybe Friday. Stay tuned.


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