Bathroom Remodeling Sucks – Part 1

(I just know there will be multiple parts. I’m pessimistic that way.)

So since the bathroom we built in the basement is now complete, the time to start renovating our main floor bathroom is NOW. This is what we’ve been living with for two years:


Minus the wallpaper and curtains, that is. Let me just tell you, that is the ORIGINAL TOILET. Our house was built in 1950 and the family that owned it before us had 7 kids. And one bathroom. I’m just going to give you a minute to wrap your head around that nastiness. …Ready? Ok, moving on.

Saturday Derek decided to continue demoing the bathroom. so he was knocking down the tile walls and making a huge mess. We discovered that our walls are lined with newspaper from 1953 for some odd reason. We read all about the Milwaukee Braves and County Stadium. And marveled at the classified listings from that era posting “Jobs for Men” and “Jobs for Women.” It was weird. Anyway, Riley and I are out shopping and Derek calls to tell me that a HUGE chunk of tiled wall fell and hit the toilet tank, which proceeded to explode and flood the bathroom! Which leaked through the floor into our pretty basement bathroom (we’ll just need to replace 4 ceiling tiles down there-no biggie). BUT, we were not planning on only using the basement bathroom just yet. but now we have to go down to the basement every time we have to pee. AND I PEE A LOT! we’re still using the upstairs bathroom to shower and brush our teeth and crap, but that bathroom is creepy now! bare studs, drywall dust, I HATE IT! So that’s bad enough, but oh no, it gets better.

So Saturday night we went out and when we come home, I notice that there’s some water behind the new toilet in the basement bathroom. Which was weird. Derek figures that one of the new bolts on that toilet must not be tightened enough. There wasn’t any water dripping, so he said he’d fix it in the morning, instead of at 1am. So the next morning he cleans up the water and uses some handy dandy plumber’s putty to seal the bolts and we think everything is fine. WRONG. A while later he checks on it and there’s still water seeping from somewhere and then, oh god, then…he realizes there is water backing up in the beautiful, brand new shower. NOOOOOO! So he calls his dad and we figure that it means we have a blockage in our main drain pipe in the basement. The one that goes out to the street sewer. In 24 hours we have gone from 2 working bathrooms, to none. I instantly have to pee when I hear this news. So his dad says that maybe Derek can snake it himself. It then takes him an hour to get the cap off the old ass drain in the basement. It’s all rusted on. He even tried heating the cast iron pipe with my hair dryer hope that will help loosen it. Nope. He ends up not ever getting it off, and just has to use a saw zall and cut it off. He snakes it, but can’t get his manual snake past the Y pipe from the new plumbing. And this is obviously not a problem in the new plumbing, it’s in the old, old plumbing of our old, old house. So I make phone calls to Roto Rooter because we need to get this fixed. There’s peeing to be done! Since it’s a Sunday (and I’m sure the fact that there’s a Packer game currently on has something to do with this) but the price is sky high. $300 for the first hour, $150 every hour after that. They don’t know how long it will take. Monday the price goes down to $150 for first hour and $80 each hour after. My dad has the realization that they rent the high powered snakes at Home Depot. I call and they do! So Derek goes and rents one for $60 and snakes the damn thing himself! What a bad ass! It takes a few hours and smells awful. I don’t even want to think about what was all in that drain. (See above info about raising 7 kids with one bathroom). I do know, however, that he pulled out a bunch of old rags that had somehow found their way in there, causing the clog. He also busted through a few tree roots in there with the medieval looking snake contraption. 

So now we’re running downstairs every time we have to pee. Considering how often I pee, I may lose this Baby Weight after all. Aw, I guess there is a silver lining. 

However, I may change my tune when we’re still doing this in two months.


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