I was just sitting here staring at a blank Word document, trying to think of how to start the story I’m working on for my job. All of a sudden I had a flashback to at least 5 years ago, two jobs ago.

My boss came up behind me in my office to see me staring at a blank Word document, much like I am today. He paused, then started laughing. He said something funny, but I wish I could remember exactly what it was. Something about me blankly staring at a blank computer screen. And he razzed me about wasting company time, and how long have I actually been staring at a blank screen. 

He was a funny guy, a good boss and more than anything, a good person.

He died two years ago. Completely unexpectedly. Riding his bike on a bike path on the East side. Collapsed and died right there, and that was it. His poor wife and two sons. 

I think of them a lot. I think of him a lot. If anyone deserved a long, happy life, it was him. 

Sometimes it takes something as ordinary as a blank Word document to remind you to hug your family, not sweat the small stuff, and take good care of yourself.

Duly noted.


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