Adventures of Teething

When non parents hear parents talk about the trials and tribulations of teething, the non parent is usually like, “yeah, that sucks.” At least that’s how I always felt about it before I had a baby. You were up all night cuz your kid has a razor sharp tooth poking through his tender gums? Bummer. I was up late last night cuz I went to the bar after kickball and they had an awesome juke box so I sang along to REO Speedwagon until 2 a.m. 

So the last couple weeks Derek and I have gotten a taste of teething. And it is not good. A few days before Halloween, Riley woke up in the middle of the night, screaming his poor little head off. We had no idea what this was all about and I even wondered if we should take him to Urgent Care or something because there was obviously something wrong. Normally when he cries, as soon as I start feeding him, he stops mid-cry to happily suck away. Not this time. There was really no soothing him, at least not until he passed out in my arms, completely exhausted. The next morning, we realized why-a tiny pearly-white tooth was poking through his lower gums in the front. Derek called me at work to tell me about it. 

The next night was a little better and we figured, one bad night per tooth isn’t bad at all! We can totally do this! The following night was a repeat of the hysterical screaminess that we had experienced once before. The next morning, yet another pearly white poking through. 

Two teeth in one week? Seriously? Ugh.

We had a few ok nights where Riley would sleep until 4:50 or 5:15, which isn’t bad, but it’s a far cry from the 7:00 wake up time that we had been enjoying for a while now. 

THEN, another series of sleepless, screaming, painful nights. And yet ANOTHER tooth poking through. This one on the top. Three teeth in three weeks? Wha?

Cue a few more nights of sleeping til 4 or 5, very groggy parents, and a baby who seems perfectly normal during the day. 

And then, a series of 5 sleepless nights, deaf and tired parents, a drooly, sad little boy who can’t understand why his mouth throbs and aches all night long. And now, a FOURTH tooth poking through on top. 

Ok, come on people. Is that normal? Four teeth in four weeks? It seems cruel. And not just for old Mom and Dad. Something tells me that even Riley wishes he was tired the next morning from being out late singing along to REO Speedwagon.


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