Dear Riley

Today you are nine months old. You have now been alive for as long as you were in my belly (yes, you medical purists, I know that a baby gestates for closer to 10 months, but just go with it). This month has been a big one for you. You now have FOUR teeth, with two more bulging out your gums, threatening to come in any day now. You’ve also decided that sleeping at night is for the birds. Why sleep alone in your crib, when Mom or Dad can hold you, rock you or sing funny songs to you at 2 a.m.? We like being with you too, baby, but come on. We all need our sleep. Please. Just a little.

Your grandma came over yesterday to watch you while I made some Christmas cookies. She said that she remarked to grandpa that you sure do love me. I love the way you clamor over others to get to me, just to hug me with your skinny little chicken wing arms. Those are some of the memories of your childhood I know I’ll never forget. The look in your eyes when you see me, the grin you get when I pick you up, and the sound of you laughing really hard.


I love you (even though you won’t let us sleep at night).





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3 responses to “Dear Riley

  1. mistressmom

    I also have a son named Riley and I’ve been writing him letters, too! We’ve both tagged our letters under “Dear Riley.” It’s such a small world! Your Riley is adorable! 😉

    • awholenotherstory

      Thanks! And I’m glad to hear that you have a son named Riley. I seem to only meet people who have named their daughter or dog Riley.

  2. mistressmom

    LOL I know what you mean!

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