That’s My Dawg

No, literally. This post is about my dog. Our sweet little Lola. A wonder mutt we adopted from the Humane Society two years ago today. Last year, I wrote this.

I will never understand people who have a baby and decide they don’t have “time” for their pets. When  we got Lola, she was ours for life. Growing up, that’s always how it was with our pets and once we looked into Lola’s brown, gold-flecked eyes, we knew we’d have her forever. Though that first week with a three month old puppy was not all rainbows and sunshine. I cried. She bit. Pooped on the floor. Was up at 5 a.m. 

It was so much like having a baby it’s not even funny.

The relationship between Riley and Lola has evolved over the last 10 months into something awesome. Riley laughs his ass off at her. And she doesn’t have to do anything. She walks by and he cracks up. God forbid she yawns or scratches herself, he will have a coronary. 

When we first brought Riley home, she would cautiously come up to him and sniff or lick the top of his head. She’d cock her head to the side when he cried, as if to say, “What the hell is THAT thing?” And those first couple weeks when we were awake waaaaaay more than we were asleep, for some reason, it always made me smile when I noticed that Lola was just as tired as Derek and me when the alarm went off in the morning. I’ll never forget the site of doggy bags under her eyes.

Lola is so gentle with Riley, it’s crazy. When I come home from work, she has no qualms about jumping all over me, whimpering excitedly, practically knocking me over. But Riley can crawl onto her doggy bed with her and take the bone right out of her mouth, and she does nothing. Occasionally she’ll throw me a desperate look, but she never gets upset. 

I guess they’ve had a good relationship from day one. When I was pregnant, Lola got considerably more attached to me. Following me around, leaning up against me. When I was in active labor at home and sitting on my yoga ball, she curled herself up and laid down between my feet. She had never done that before. The thought of it made me cry as we left for the hospital. On the super hard nights when Riley would just cry and cry and I didn’t know what to do, Lola would come into Riley’s room, and just sit at attention next to me, while I desperately tried to calm this screaming baby. Just having her there made me feel better. Yes I know she’s a dog.

She’s the best dog ever.


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