10 Months?!?!

Dear Riley,

Today you turn 10 months old! I’ll spare you all the I-can’t-believe-its. They’re implied.

The theme of our daily lives now is fattening you up. After a late 9-month check up, we were told that you are in the 10th percentile for weight. Whoops. It’s not that we’re trying to starve you, we just don’t know how much a baby is supposed to eat. We do now though. They eat a lot. And then eat some more. Since adding ridiculous amounts of food to your diet, you are sleeping SO much better at night. Woohoo doesn’t even seem to cover my joy.

You are so close to walking now! You’ll just stand there, holding on to a toy and nothing else. You look like you want to take a few steps, but you refuse to pick up your big ole feet. Come on! I know you can do it. Walk!

The other night your dad and I were talking about you over dinner (a normal occurrence these days). Dad said that he cannot wait until he can have a conversation with you and hear you say things like, “Daddy, watch me!” and “Can I come with you?” I laughed and said maybe we should appreciate the quiet now, that someday we might want some peace instead of hearing, “MOMMY DADDY MOMMY DADDY”. Completely serious, your dad said that he will NEVER get tired of  hearing you talk, and will always welcome it. And I believe him. 

Our love for you has grown more and more every day, into unmeasurable amounts. You amaze us with your giggles, the way you squirm when we tickle your back, the grin when I whisper in your ear, and even the fact that you left teeth marks on your crib rails when you woke up one morning. You’re really getting some use out of those 6 teeth you’ve got.

We love you, Mr. Man!




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