Dear Riley

Stop the presses – today you are 11 months (and one day) old. You’re almost a one-year old. You’re almost out of infancy. You’re almost going off to college. Ok, let’s not be so dramatic, Mom.

The monumental thing you did this month is that you took your first steps! You were a few days shy of 11 months old and you took 2 steps on your own, trying to grab Lola, and then fell on your behind. Daddy and I were talking in the kitchen and when you took one step, I yelled, “DEREK!” Daddy turned around and just missed you taking your second step on your own. No worries though, you did it again later that night. We both saw you walk, so it counts.

Not to put too much emphasis on this, but the fact that you are walking early is a clear indicator that you’re a genius. Ok maybe not, but it means that you are another step closer to being less of a baby and more of a toddler. 

You have really grown over the last month or so. Not just physically (though I can’t believe that some of your 9 month clothes are busting at the seams. Didn’t we just starting putting you in those a few weeks ago?), but it seems like I went to work one day and when I came back you were reciting Shakespeare sonnets. Or drinking from a sippy cup. I can’t remember which.

You totally get abstract concepts like cause and effect (dropping Cheerios on the ground means Lola gets to eat them), object permanence (I hide the remote behind a throw pillow so you don’t change the channel, and you go digging for it), and manipulation (hey, if I throw my pacifier on the ground, you’ll come over and give it back to me! Sweet!). All these things are completely amazing considering those big clodhoppers that you’re walking on these days, were the things that were kicking my innards a year ago.

So thanks for all you’ve taught your parents. You’ve made us better people. We thought we were already pretty awesome, but you’ve shown us how complete and happy we can really be.

We love you!

Love, Mommy


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