Isn’t that gross? If you don’t think so, you will when I tell you what it is. On some baby message boards, that’s what people use to symbolize that they’re breastfeeding. They’re boobs. EW, right?

However, it’s appropriate because since stopping breastfeeding over a month ago, I have lost 8 pounds. Eight pounds, people! At least that’s what the scale at Bally’s tells me. However, I took my shoes off the last time, so maybe I only lost 6.5 pounds? Either way, hallelujah.

I think some new moms are given false hope. So many people say, “oh, you’re breastfeeding, you’ll lose all the baby weight.” For some people I think that’s true, but it wasn’t for me.

And I felt like something was wrong with me. I cried and cried that I’d never lose this weight. That I’d be the dreaded fat mom. And then I’d cry because I felt stupid for crying. I have a healthy, happy baby, my life is friggen awesome and I’m crying because I can’t lose 10 pounds? Come on. A vicious circle.

I think some people have the type of body that burns mad calories to make breastmilk, and I think some people have the type of body that stores and holds on to every ounce of fat just in case the baby needs more milk. Apparently my body is the latter.

So even though I was working out a lot, and did a friggen triathlon four months post-partum, it took stopping breastfeeding for me to fit back into most of my clothes. If we ever decide to go through this crazy baby-making process again, I will feel much better knowing what I’m in for. That should result in less tears.


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