One Year

Dear Riley,

Today you are one year old. One year ago right now I was just holding you in my arms, gazing at you in complete and utter shock that you were here. The first thing I thought when you were born was, “I can’t believe there was a baby in there!” Now every time I look at you, I can’t believe you are that pink, shrieking little man that I held on that cold March day.

You’ve changed so much since then (obviously). When you were a newborn, your daddy and I couldn’t wait until you started smiling and laughing. Now you have the best laugh I’ve ever heard in my life. So perfect and genuine.

I think the only person who has learned more in this past year than me is you. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed right along with you. It seemed like every time you learned something new, I did too. To be patient. To not sweat the small stuff. That the house doesn’t need to look perfect for me to be happy. That sleep is overrated.

We’re having a big party for you today. I can’t wait to see you dive into the cupcakes we made for you. You’ve never tasted sweets before and I hope we’re not opening Pandora’s box here. But oh well, it’s your birthday.

So thank you for giving us the best year of our lives. We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have.




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