There are many hats a mom has to wear. Provider, launderer, cuddler, disciplinarian, playmate. Since Riley has been able to eat normal, everyday table food, I’ve added another hat. Registered dietician. 

It’s actually sort of fun to pick out what he’s going to eat at each meal. I think a big reason it’s sort of fun is because my kid is a good eater. KNOCK ON WOOD! There are only a handful of things he doesn’t like. Including original Cheerios. Isn’t that encoded in kid’s DNA? They MUST like Cheerios? Guess not. Multi-Grain Cheerios, well he’s all about those. So I guess that’s close enough.

Anyway, at meal time, I think to myself, “ok, he needs a whole grain, protein, dairy and fruit or vegetable.” For dinner sometimes, I’ll make him a piece of whole wheat toast, buttered. Then he’ll have a piece of string cheese or some yogurt, then a little chicken or black beans (his favorite!), and some organic, steamed peas, carrots, green beans and corn (another favorite! woohoo!). 

So after I lay out his spread and he goes to town, I think, “What should Derek and I have for dinner?” I look into the cupboard. I look into the fridge. And the freezer. I hem and haw. “Oh, we’ll just have pancakes. And an orange.” 

Um, not the healthiest dinner. I think that is another hat moms wear. The take-better-care-of-your-kid-than-yourself hat. And that is going to end. From now on, we’re having balanced dinners too. Though, I don’t really want toast and black beans for dinner. I may have to get a little more creative for us adults.


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