How Times Change

I recently said to some friends, “My house would be decorated much differently if I didn’t have a dog or a baby.” No need to mention that my life would not be nearly as fun if I didn’t have a dog or a baby.

Here’s what our remodeled living room looked like pre-dog and pre-baby.

Ah, notice that there are no tumbleweeds made of dog hair rolling across the floor. Underneath the couch there aren’t any balls, rattles, Glow Worms or tumbleweeds made of dog hair. There is nary a scratch on those newly-refinished hardwood floors. Every knick knack and picture frame is placed at an exact 90-degree angle (compliments of my OCD husband). Everything is in its place and all is well with the world.

Fast forward a couple years, a puppy turned full-grown dog and an infant turned full-grown toddler. This is how our living room looks now.

Ok, in all honesty, the living room rarely looks that good. Usually there are toys overturned EVERYWHERE. There are tiny puddles of drool or watered-down apple juice on the puppy-nails scratched hardwoood floors. You can’t see it, but there are mounds of dog hair under the couches. There are a few spit-up stains remaining on the couch, reminding us of those fun, fun infant days of projectile spit up.

We’ve had to make many modifications now that Riley has fully entered toddler-hood.

That is the wire from our surround sound speakers that cannot touch the ground no matter what. If there are wires on the ground, there are brand new little baby teeth chomping down on them. And we can’t have that. This is the genius solution to that problem. The wires go up and over the window, behind picture frames and the china hutch. Nevermind my head sneaking into that photo. Can you crop pictures in WordPress? I’m too lazy to find out.

That blue painter’s tape is going to show up in Architectural Digest any day now. Trust me. We have to tape the doors of our entertainment center closed now because we have a curiously naughty little boy who likes to open it and pull out every single DVD that’s in there. It’s not like he was going to hurt himself or break them, but it’s really annoying to walk into a room with your child sitting atop a pile of 50 DVDs. That got old real fast.

So our living room may not look like a photo shoot for Better Homes & Gardens, but at this point in my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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