Small Victories

1. This weekend I wore a form-fitting shirt that I have not worn in over 2 years. 

2. Yesterday I easily ran 3 miles, reminiscent of my life pre-baby.

3. We went to the zoo and upon seeing his first real-life cow in front of him, Riley stated, “Cow.” And it made me so incredibly happy.

4. My husband has jumped on the exercising, healthy-living band wagon and I couldn’t be more proud of him for it.

5. Today is a slow day at work, after last week’s week from hell.

6. Tonight I think I will grill pineapple for dessert with a homemade butterscotch sauce. And no one can stop me.

7. It’s officially summer. And we’ve FINALLY got nice weather. I almost gave up on you there for a minute, Wisconsin. Thanks for coming through. Please continue.


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