Bye Bye Bottles

Since Riley just turned 16 months, and since the doctor told us that he should be off bottles completely by 15 months, we figured we’d better poop or get off the pot, as they say, and get him off bottles.

We’ve had problems getting him to sleep in the past (what new parent hasn’t, I guess) so I was SUPER nervous about changing up our bedtime routine. Plus, I actually like our 15 minutes at the end of the day where it’s just Riley and me sitting in his dark bedroom, rocking and his rhythmic sucking from his bottle. A great way to end the day, if you ask me.

But he’s growing up. I want him to have good teeth. The bottle needs to go.

Can I just say this? We’ve used these for the last 16 months.

And they suck. They leak like a mo fo. I looked up some stuff online about how to position the air holes so they don’t leak, and I never really got them to work right. The thing that makes me most angry is that I lost track of the amount of times I had to take the bottle out of Riley’s mouth, while he screamed his head off cuz hey, he’s hungry!, because the milk was pouring, pouring all over him. These bottles suck. And cost about $9 a piece. We have 8 of them. That’s $72 spent on shitty bottles. End rant.

So that first night we did our regular bedtime routine, diaper, onesie, teeth brushing, saying goodnight to Daddy and the pup. Then we retired to Riley’s room. I read him three books while we rocked in the dark (good thing I have Goodnight Moon memorized. I swear, I’ll be able to recite it on my deathbed). When the books were finished, I kissed him and put him in his crib and left the room.

He yelled for a bit, I went in once or twice to lay him back down, and the kid fell asleep. Like a real little kid. Not like a baby who needs to be rocked, shushed or swayed to sleep.

Guess he’s growing up. And I’m looking forward to all the amazing new things this new toddler will be embarking on soon. But I just need a moment to remember my sweet, suckling baby and rocking him in his dark bedroom.


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