A Baby Einstein?

So admittedly, I don’t know too much about baby development. When kids do whatever skill, I’m not really sure. All I know is that I think I’ve got a genius on my hands. I think about what Riley was like 1 year ago right now. He was 5 months old. He was smiley and giggly, but that was about it. Sometimes he’d hold a toy. He’d watch us when we talked to him or walked past him. He was super duper cute:

Fast forward one year and this kid is amazing. A.Maze.Ing. He’s a tiny person with a will of his own and opinions.

He will hand me his empty sippy cup and say, “all done.”

He has many tricks. He answers to: Where’s your head (hair, ears, toes). He’ll make the appropriate animal sounds when we ask him what a cow, rooster, or duck says. When he sees a picture of a cow, or an actual cow (hey, we’re from Wisconsin, what do ya expect?) he says, plain as day, “Cow.” When he eats a tortilla for lunch, he calls it, “‘tia.” We don’t even have to tell him, we show him the tortilla and he repeats what it is.

He’s also a climbing, crazy little guy. He loves to feel powerful and pick up things that seem that they would be too heavy or too big for him to hold. He’ll carry around his little basketball hoop, he’ll throw any big toy he can get his hands on, while letting out a tarzan-like, “AAAAHHH!” He’s not angry, it must just be a brief testosterone-y moment. Other times he plays quietly and loves to stack things. Especially things that aren’t supposed to be stacked. I think he takes pride in getting a giraffe to stand on top of the base for his stackable rings. He loves to flip his moving toys upside down and push the wheels and watch them roll.

Other people notice how smart he is too. The kid has a great personality and when something funny happens, he gets it. He was only a few months old and I was carrying him and I started yawning. I looked over and he was watching me, and he caught my yawn. So we were both looking at each other yawning, and at the same time, we both busted out laughing. It was funny and he GOT it.

However, while others are amazed by what a little genius we’ve got on our hands here, my ever-practical mom reminds me of one photo of him in particular:

Yes, that’s my little baby Einstein chewing on a laundry basket. Eh, shut up. He’s a genius.


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