11 Miles (ok, fine. 10 miles)

Since I was a very nice wife Sunday morning, I wasn’t able to run early before the August heat set in. Derek and his oldest friend went fishing at 5 a.m. That’s their idea of a good time. Weirdos.

Anyway, so I couldn’t run before it got hot. So I ran at 5:00. Not a very good idea. The humidity was not that bad, but dude. Still hot. And I was planning on doing 11 miles – my longest run ever. I get so JUMPY just waiting around to run. I don’t like it one bit. Which is why I do my long runs first thing in the morning. I don’t know, people. There’s just something about running super early in the morning. It’s awesome.

I did my 5-mile loop twice and within the first mile or so I was like, “uh…..hmmm….this is hard. It’s hot. I want my mommy.” My mommy was not around, so I had to venture on alone.

By the second lap on my 5-mile loop, I was struggling. Feeling beat down. Super hot. I had a headache. I started to get goosebumps, which I don’t think is a good sign. (Fellow runners, is this a sign of overheating?) I was ready to just say screw it and walk the last three miles, even though I would miss putting Riley to bed if I did that.

And then, this song came on my ipod:


(Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed video).

I was listening to my Labor Playlist, which in itself is funny. A labor playlist. The songs I wanted to listen to while I was pushing a human into the world. I never did listen to it during labor, though. We were told there was an ipod hook up in the room, but we couldn’t find it. I should’ve just burned a CD. Stupid technology duped me again. Most of the songs on there are slow and relaxing. But as I was putting it together when I was 9 months pregnant, I ended up just basically putting on my favorite songs. Ones that I knew I’d need to hear, to transport me back to happy times in smoky bars seeing my favorite bands in real life. I knew that had to include this one by Face to Face. When I hear this song I’m taken back to 21 years old. Music meant everything to me then (it still means so much to me). Listening to this song makes me forget about finals, hangovers, parents. It means California sunshine, happiness, hopefulness. Plus it’s a kick ass song.

And yesterday, running in the heat at mile 7, this song came on and saved my ass. Literally. I ran faster than I had been. I sang out loud (I was in an industrial park on a Sunday night, there was no one to hear me). I felt alive, as cheesy as that sounds. I finished the run (minus that blasted 11th mile).

So thanks, Face to Face.


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