Parenting FAIL

Last weekend we were out at my parent’s house on the lake, and decided to take a boat ride. My parents have a sweet pontoon boat, so we all climbed aboard, put Riley’s Spiderman life jacket on, and set sail. Normally, Riley loves a good boat ride. And he should. He’s had his sea legs since he was about 2 months old, see?

Please disregard the girly life jacket – twas on sale.

So last Saturday when we were out there, and the minute we sat down, he started screaming, I was confused. I thought maybe his life jacket was bothering him, so I unhooked the clips. Still screaming. So then I took his life jacket completely off (don’t judge, remember. Besides we were on a pontoon boat, have you ever heard of one capsizing?). But that didn’t work either. I bounced him on my hip and walked around, just like I did when it was 2a.m. and he was a newborn. It didn’t work then and it sure isn’t working now, at 18 months.

I was at a complete loss. My mom tried holding him. My sister did. Derek did. Nothing worked.

For some reason, I decided to look at my watch at that exact time. 2:00. DING. A lightbulb went off.

“DEREK! I never fed him lunch,” I said. Major parenting fail. “Turn the boat around, we have to go home NOW.”

Everyone had such a hearty laugh at my expense. But I really just cared about making my little man happy. No wonder he was ticked off, we were 2 hours past lunch time. When we got to my parents, he didn’t even come in the house, he was outside playing, and then we went on the boat. WHOOPS.

At least my fail wasn’t as bad as this one:


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