Dog For Sale

Ok, not really, but if ever there was a time that I was going to punt my dog across the floor, yesterday would’ve been the day (yeah right).

It is no secret that I am a freak when it comes to Riley’s food. Derek and I were both chubby adolescents and I really worry about subjecting him to the same crappy feelings. Therefore, he shall be a healthy eater. So far, it’s been great. He gobbles up chick peas, steamed veggies and kiwi, but turns up his nose at his own birthday cake – awesome!

Anyway, we feed Riley almost all organic foods. We splurge on organic milk, I buy cage free organic eggs, and I make sure to buy free range, vegetarian-fed chicken for him. So yesterday when I got home from work, I figured I’d make Riley some chicken for dinner. I thawed the healthy chicken breast and cooked it slowly for about 30 minutes. I even put some seasonings and a little barbecue sauce on it, fairly certain that he’d love the new flavor.

Enter Lola.

It is no secret that we love this dog. We adopted her from the Humane Society when she was just 3 months old. She’s our first born and a big part of our family.

We’ve spent hundreds of dollars in dog training classes, and hours working with her ourselves, so we knew we could trust her with Riley, with strangers, with anyone, really. She’s a great dog. She’s so incredibly gentle and tolerant of Riley. Even when she just wants to catch some shut-eye and he just wants to pinch her ears:

Since the day we brought Riley home from the hospital, we’ve paid special attention to Lola’s feelings, her activity level, making sure she knows she’s loved, otherwise as we all know, a lot of times dogs misbehave to get back at you for not treating them well. We were careful not to let this happen.

That’s Lola getting to nap on the couch with me, a rare treat. The tiny newborn on my chest is Riley.

So anyway, back to yesterday. I put Riley’s chicken on a plate on the kitchen counter to let it cool. He and I were sitting on the couch watching cars drive by, when all of a sudden I heard a sound that I knew spelled trouble. The sound of two paws hopping back onto the floor. She had been up on the kitchen counter, I knew it.

I said, “LOLA” in my most stern voice. She cowered and I just knew. I walked into the kitchen. No chicken. The plate is still there but there is nary a crumb left on it. I look on the floor. Nada. You’ve got to be kidding me.

That dog gobbled up an entire barbecued chicken breast in one gulp. Seriously. More than anything, I can’t believe she had the balls to do that. She never acts up like this. The chicken was not even balancing on the edge of the counter, she had to jump up there, see the chicken and make her move.

We had to move onto plan B for dinner and Lola spent a long time in her crate. I was so mad. Maybe tonight I’ll eat her dog food to get back at her. Uh….or not.


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