Last Night

I get home from work a little after 4. It is quite awesome, but I start work at 7, which is not awesome at all. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be able to start work that early, but I’ve been doing it since the day I returned to work after my maternity leave.

Anyway, 4 p.m. I come home. I am greeted by a giggly, crazy little boy who either runs away at full speed, laughing, or flings himself into my arms, laughing. There is no rhyme or reason and I love both responses.

Last night I had many things I needed to accomplish. So in the next several hours, I:

1. Grocery shopped for 1-week’s worth of groceries for a family of 3 (plus a dog). I did this with an 18-month old in the cart. I will be accepting medals and Academy Awards for this feat.

2. Came home and made dinner. Homemade pizza with spinach and tomatoes out of my garden. Made dinner for 18-month old (string cheese, kiwi, black beans and a bit of our pizza – though he was not a fan).

3. Ate said dinner.

4. Cleaned up the dinner dishes, table and baby covered in red sauce.

5. Went up the street to the elementary school to vote in the primary election. Yes, we did our civic duty, even though I wanted to stay home and watch my DVR’d episode of today’s Oprah. Stupid social conscience.

6. Went the few blocks to my grandparent’s house so Derek could check out their roof and figure out why it’s leaking. We then ran around their yard and visited for a while.

7. Came home and played with Riley.

8. I stuffed his cloth diapers, while he climbed into the laundry basket and threw all the clean diapers onto the floor. Frustration ensued.

9. Read him “Go Clifford, Go” like 5 times. I really wish Clifford would just go already.

10. Gave Riley his last sippy cup of milk, and then washed out all 754839287 of his sippy cups and put them in the drying rack.

11. Baby bath time! Ooh, I get to sit! On the bathroom floor! And get splashed!

12. Bed time for Bonzo. Riley and I sit in his rocker and I read him two stories. I put him in his crib and he immediately falls asleep. Ah, that will never get old.

13. Come out to the living room and proofread and copy edit Derek’s new graphic design web site. Have long discussions about hyphens and being too damn wordy.

14. Eat some ice cream.

16. Clean up very unexpected dog puke on the living room floor. How did she puke without making a sound? Why did she puke? It smells so awful I can’t even ponder those questions. (Maybe it’s from the chicken breast she ate?)

15. Finally, sleep.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


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