So 4 days ago, Riley fell while playing and a toy landed smack dab on his middle finger, squishing his bird between the floor and a really obnoxious, heavy toy. He cried and cried and it was super duper sad. He had a tiny cut near his nail bed and blood immediately pooled under his middle fingernail.

Having been an athlete, doing athletic things for years and years, I know what’s coming next. He’s going to lose his nail. Been there, done that. One of the first ways Derek showed his love to me when we were dating is that he painted my big toe after I lost my toenail from picking the ice too hard at skating. Awwww, young love.

I just lost another toe nail from my half marathon training. My poor little nail fell off shortly after the Lake Country Half Marathon a few weeks ago.

So anyway, I bandaged up the babe, gave him millions of extra hugs and kisses, and we moved on. However, the finger tip really swelled. He woke up during the night that night, which he never does anymore, thankfully. Something was amiss.

This morning I googled bruised fingernails and realized that if the nail is more than 50% bruised, you should go to the doctor. There was also still a lot of swelling and it looked like there was some puss under the nail. He has been using the hand and banging it around like normal, so I knew there wasn’t anything broken.

But today, we went to the doctor. She came in the room, barely looked at it and went, “Whoa, I’ll be right back. I need to go get my equipment. ….It’s going to be gross.”  She returned with all sorts of gauze, bandages and a cauterizing torch thingy. Yikes.

It was all very fast and I just held him and hugged and shushed him while he cried and cried. The finger instantly deflated, which was good. We have an antibiotic to ward off any infection and I swear this kid will not be playing with this dumb ass toy any time soon.

I mean, really, do we need to give kids a toy cookie jar? Isn’t that why American kids are all fat? Because they play with a singing cookie jar? Ugh. End rant.


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