It’s All Good

That’s the new motto, folks. It’s working.

I have an interview today and I’m excited about it. Suddenly I feel full of hope. That everything is going to be ok. I feel deep down that I will move on and things will begin to become a new normal. I won’t work in that building or with those people again, but that’s ok. Shit happens. You pick yourself up and move on. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Another thing that’s helping? This:

We be goin to the Florida Keys tomorrow! We’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary with a getaway when we need it the most. We’re so excited. And a little scared. We’re leaving Riley with the grandparents, but it’ll still be hard to spend 4 nights away from him. I know. He’s 19 months old and I’ve never spent a night away from the kid. I would say it’s high time.

I’m looking forward to waking up whenever I want. Coming and going as we please without having to worry about diaper bags and nap schedules. We need this. And it will be glorious.


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