Vacation Recap

Well, I did it. We went away for five whole days without Riley and we all lived to tell the tale. (Though Riley now has a cold. Those darn grandparents.)

Our trip to the Florida Keys was awesome, amazing, beautiful and perfect. Just what we needed. A very close second to our honeymoon in Hawaii as my favorite trip with my husband ever. I mean, look at this place:

We had a great time reconnecting, drinking beer, eating good food, walking hand in hand and reminding each other why we love one another. Like the fact that my husband has virtually no gaydar. And the fact that I can sing along with any and every crappy song that comes on the radio. It’s a gift I have.

But that moment where we saw our little boy in the airport was priceless. He gave us a grin and cuddled into both of us. Last night when I was reading him his bedtime books (extra stories because I missed him) he looked up at me out of nowhere and said, “HI!”

And that is when I told him we’d never leave him again.


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