AHaaaaaaaaaa ha

Yesterday I had what my beloved Oprah would call an Aha moment. Oh yes, indeed.

I was heading out to meet some friends for dinner. It has gotten freakin freezing here in the upper midwest, so I have to pull out the full fledged fall and winter wardrobe. As I zipped up my black boots that were pretty much my everyday shoes while working, it hit me.

“I used to wear these shoes to work all the time in fall and winter,” I thought glumly. I’m still so shocked and hurt that I don’t have my beloved job anymore. Moments like this hit me every so often, so that was not the aha moment.

“I still can’t believe all that happened,” I thought. Then AHA!

This is what I’ll write about!!!

I’ve always thought I was capable of writing a novel. Derek has encouraged me to do so for years.

“I just need a good idea to start from,” I’d always say. I read a ton, I have a writing background, I’m confident I can do it. I just need good characters and a good plot and I can go from there.

What better plot than what just happened to me in this layoff. There’s betrayal, intrigue, mystery and money. Well, not really. But it will only be semi-autobiographical so I can imbelish for effect.

I started writing it this morning. It’s actually going pretty well. Yes, I’ll have to revisit painful things that only happened 6 weeks ago. But that’s ok.

My biggest problem right now is figuring out who will play me in the major motion picture. Hmmm…


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