Gnaughty Gnome

On Riley’s first Halloween last year, we decided we should give him a very special costume. He was only 7 months old, but we knew we’d always remember it as his first ever Halloween. Definitely worthy of a special costume. What did we decide on?

What? We are a family that appreciates milestones. If it makes you feel better, we also celebrated by doing this:

Oh, he liked it. Don’t worry.

So the ever-present parenting conundrum. How do we top last year’s costume/antics?

Say hi to Riley the Gnome.

We even got him to cut the grass, which was great.

We just know we have to make the most of this time where we decide what he is for Halloween. Because all too soon he’ll want to be Iron Man or a character from Toy Story like every other kid in the neighborhood.

I think we made the right decision.


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