I Am Old

So my birthday is coming up in a couple days and we decided to celebrate this past weekend. Where does a girl like me want to go on my birthday?



Why bowling of course!

Let me preface this by saying I have not gone out in a long time. Like a super duper long time. As in, Milwaukee did away with smoking in bars in July (FINALLY!) and I have not been to a bar since they were smoke-free. Geeze, having a baby sure has ruined my social life.

So the night began with the bar in the bowling alley. And beer. Lots of beer. Way too much beer. To where things like this became funny:

Ok, in all fairness, this is pretty funny even without beer.

Drinking and hilarity ensued. Obviously:

I sincerely hope I was doing that for the camera and not because I really cared about my bowling score. But I don’t remember!

I think I drank about 6 beers. Yes, that’s a lot, but in my former life, that would not leave me hungover the next day. But oh, was I hungover.

My mom had stayed over to watch Riley, however I didn’t get to sleep in. I was in bed around 2:30 and up at 7. Not good.

I felt really dizzy for most of the day, with a splitting headache. And then. I threw up! I can’t believe it. I never throw up from drinking. Ever. Even in my heyday.

If some powers that be were reminding me why I don’t drink anymore, point taken.

However, it really does look like I had a good time.


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