I’m Gonna Be Rich

Have I got an invention for you! And it came about the way all great inventions do, by chance! Do you think Ben Franklin was TRYING to get struck by lightning? (Wait, actually I think he was, right? I hated history and refused to pay attention).

Anyway, this morning Riley and I ventured to the brand new shiny baby mecca in our area – Buy Buy Baby. That name is so incredibly straight-forward. “Just buy our stuff! Buy buy, baby!” You’ve gotta respect the thinking that went into the name.

So it was dangerously close to lunch time and my purse was bursting with snacks and juice. We got to the check out in one piece and when I plopped out my coupon (because I always use a coupon, no shame in my game), it was wet. Like dripping, sopping wet.

I looked at the 17-year old cashier, eyes downcast and sheepishly said, “I guess his juice cup leaked.”

Curse you, Playtex! The toddler cup makers, not the tampon makers.

So we ventured home, ate lunch, put Riley down for a nap, cleaned up his oodles of toys, facebooked, watched the Pioneer Woman take on Bobbly Flay on my DVR and then I remembered my soggy purse still sitting by the door.

I opened it and pulled out a wad of wet, expired coupons. I told you guys I’m all about the coupons! Then I pulled out some lotion and the bottle was dry. Ditto for my wallet. Interesting!

I continued digging and that is when the light bulb went off – my amazing invention.

Deep within the bowels of my purse I found an old disposable diaper, at least two sizes too small for Riley. It had absorbed the spilled juice! It saved my purse! It saved the $7 in my wallet! It kept my birth control pills from disintegrating in watered-down apple juice! Hallelujah (seriously)!

So my advice to all of you is to put a disposable diaper in the bottom of your purse, throw caution to the wind and throw juice, grapes, ketchup, whatever into your purse. And yes, you’re welcome!


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